How to login to website by using excel input for credentials

@Sob @indra Can uipath supports dropdown box and select value in that ?

@Sob can u pls suggest me how to do click on drop down box and select the value

Hi Hemanttt,

Below is a tutorial that may prove useful for you.

There is also good information on the following thread:

One of the most beneficial things I did to boost my understanding on the UiPath tool was complete the foundation training. There is a lot of great information in the training!

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Hi guys,

returning to this thread because I am still stuck!! Please can you halp!

I have attached my XAML file. I need the robot to open the web portal(once, not everytime as only using one portal) copy from Column A of the excel sheet and paste it into the search box in the web portal, then hit search and then copy the resulting Date into Column c of the Excel Sheet.

Please help!! I’m trying to impress my boss here !!

Copy File Template.xaml (12.8 KB)

@Lwhite Can you attach Excel file

Hi Indra,

Attached excel file. Thanks

Copy of Liam MOT’s 1.xlsx (16.5 KB)

@Lwhite Due to security issue site as been blocked

Oh Damn. That’s happening to me now too. Can you work around this issue?

I’d appreciate any help you can give

Oh, it works if you use Google Chrome

Hi All,

@indra, @SaranyaKishore, @RupeshGonte @Sob @Tiberiu_Niculescu, @balupad14 @Djh @ClaytonM

I am new to UiPath and I am trying to test facebook using excel sheet. I am able to loop the workflow using for each row activity successfully. For the first time the application is taking input value correctly. But, second time the application is taking empty spaces and unable to login facebook. Please find attached excel sheet and workflow.

FacebookTest.xaml (21.9 KB)
TestData.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Can anyone tell me how can I loop only the search field for the second time.

I am trying to

  1. open the Facebook website
  2. Enter log in credentials
  3. click on Search bar and enter text.
  4. Click on Search button to search for name.
  5. Logout. and again login with credentials, search for name and logout.

Anyone? I can’t believe that nobody else hadn’t have this issue ;(

Try this

FacebookTest.xaml (20.5 KB)


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Thank You @PrankurJoshi it worked :slight_smile:

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I did not understood row(0) and row(1) , will it select the rows. Its not completely clear to me as it contains headers as well and which value will be picked first.It column wise.For eg.when the pointer is in row(0) which is , apple and xxx. So the values will be picked in this order or ?

One quickly question from my side, If UIPATH get the User name and password from excel file.
If the user name and password correct, the RPA can log in. If the user name and password not correct, can UIpath to skip this user, and try to log on next user. For Example. I have 10 users in the excel list, When UIpath log on one by one by excel list, But the fifth user password not correct, can Uipath to skip the fifth user, then log on the six user and password.

Hello , any suggestion?

yes it is doable but you have to implement the logic

Thank you! I used If else, can solve this case