How to login to website by using excel input for credentials

@Hemanttt its working fine please check it

@indra i am getting some exceptions pls give me any other reference link. Sorry to ask you again but couldn’t find any info about that anywhere.

1.Store you browser name in 1 column and username and password in another 2 columns in the excel sheet.
2.use read range activity to read this excel file.
3.use for each activity ,inside that capture your website and login page and make sure that your selector should be dynamic.
4.In the captured area give the value like “row(“column_name”).ToString”

@Sob I done first 2 steps. From 3rd step didn’t understand exactly what to do ?

For ex your input is


then your code logic will be like

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@Hemanttt Check attached zip file (29.2 KB)

@Sob If we use open browser inside for each it will be open for each iteration best practice is to open outside for each and use attach browser inside for each loop

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If it is same browser means ok… But for every process ,different browser means… so, that i mentioned in the input.

browser is different… :slight_smile:

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@Sob in Foreach you mentioned ‘inp’, what is that mean, if i am entering inp it is giving error.


Inp is your datatable name

@Sob you mean i am using openofficecalc means file name or sheet name.

datatable consists of your filename as well as your sheet name…

@sob for me read range it is not showing like yours. Please check the picture6132647323307828720

Install everything from the package.

Then you will find like this


select the Read Range from the workbook


I am working on something similar to this.

I have entered read range as you suggest. However Output - Data Table is blank. Do I need to enter a value/name for this? When I tried to enter anything in this field it produces an error - expression “” is not declared…



In the Data Table area (press ctrl+K) to create a variable… and change your scope of the variable if required.


Great! thanks. Now, I want to copy the value in each row and search for it in a search box in a web portal.

The rest of the sequence looks like this…(included the excel table for reference)

Is this right? What do I do with the Assign option?

Your help is invaluable! I really appreciate it


1.Assign activity is not required are going to use only 1 browser , so open browser should come outside the loop.
3.In the type into activity .give row(“yourColumnName”).ToString.
4.then proceed your process.


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Sorry, does this mean that I should drag ‘Open Browser’ out of the sequence? it won’t let me.

And I have entered .give row(“Reg or Trailer ID”).ToString. ( as this is the column name). However it produces an error. "compile error encountered processing expression … Identifier expected.

What do I do? Help! :slight_smile:

@Sob @indra

I have received the following error when I try to run this process. Any ideas?