How to login to a webpage if there is an error while trying to load the page

I try to log into a certain website and sometimes it is not stable, and it shows errors. so, this makes the whole process unreliable. please suggest me a solution for this matter.

Hi, implement a retry mechanism for the steps that interact with the website. If an error occurs, you can catch the exception and retry the action a certain number of times with a small delay between retries. This can help account for temporary glitches or network issues.

Before interacting with elements on the webpage, check if the elements are present and visible. Use UiPath’s “Element Exists” activity to validate whether a required element is available before proceeding with the action.

Implement robust error handling. Use “Try Catch” blocks to catch specific exceptions and handle them accordingly. You can log errors, take screenshots, or trigger specific actions when errors occur.

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