How to lock a Queue Item in Orchestrator for only a specific BOT

Hi Team,

We are having requirement in one application that whenever we hit an application we get a single Item, where we need to do some calculations and post the answer after we click on the Ok button we get the new item that needs to be processed, so here we also need a Orchestrator queue for monitoring the Bots and case status.

Example there are two Bot A & Bot B, when Bots goes to the applications and hits it a single item comes and I need to add that to orchestrator and work that, is there any mechanism in Uipath that the Bot which has added access only that must pick up that case and rest f BOT’s must be ideal.

Any suggestion will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance

some requirements are open e.g.

  • #1: is the case running in a Producer (Dispatcher) and Consumer (Executor) style or
  • #2 directly (in the same Process e.g. Bot#A add the TI and should directly start with processing that particular TI)

for #2 the add Transaction Item activity could help

for #1:
Lets assume splitting the Workqueue is not an option (as we dont want for reporting reasons)

Have a check on:

  • Marking the populating BOT within the ReferenceID of the TI (ABC_#BotA_xxx)

    • use ORC API, Get Transactionitem (with FilterStrategy: startswith: to ABC_#BotA) or Get QueueItems Activity and filtering to Bot#A Tis)
  • Marking the populating BOT within the TransactionInformation / ItemInformation Dict

    • use the ORC API to retrieve open TIs
    • filter the result to TIs belonging to Bot#A

hi Peter,

Thanks for the response.

As of now we are not allowed to use the ORC API’s, other than the above approaches don’t we have any other way to Lock the Transition Item to a Specific BOT.


Hi, @harshavardhan3457 as per @ppr suggestion why don’t you use Add Transaction Item Activity in this case?

as there are alternates to ORC API e.g. QueueItems Activity maybe you can start with this a quick RnD on it

There an activity in Uipath as AddTransactionItem, which adds an item to the respective Queue and gives the same Transaction Item as an Output for the Bot which has created the case, so that going forward we can use the same transaction in the entire process and at the end of the process we can also change the transaction status to Success\Failed.
Hope this the easiest approach for my Problem.

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