How to locate a specific/dynamic cell in excel?

Dear Experts

I have a request as below:

  1. Get the last row value from report A (In this case is 4404123978 which hili in yellow)

report A

  1. Find the row of this value in report B, then delete rows from row2 to row16(where the found value lay on)

  2. I only need to keep 2 rows which hili in green

May I know how to make it happen?

report B

PS: There is no color in above 2 screenshot in orignial files. I just add color for better explaination and understanding

Thank you for your kind advise in advance



Use Activities - Get Cell Color this will give you color and you can add your logic as per requirement.

Ashok :slight_smile:

@ashokkarale But actually there is no color in the original format, I just add color for better understanding :joy:


Ohh ok.

In that case, you can use Find/Replace Value to find the desired value in Report B.

Ashok :slight_smile:

@ashokkarale But after I find the value in report B, how can I publish the row number of that value in report B? The row number is key thing in this request :laughing:

Hi @yangyq10

Can you try below

Sequence17.xaml (17.3 KB)



Find/Replace Value will give you range like “A16” from this you can easily extract the row number by Regex like this.


read data2 and get row index of table 2 by checking value from table 1 and use that row index in excel or table to delete rows you need

Sequence.xaml (16.8 KB)

@lrtetala Thank you again!!!
Can you help show me the full coding in this session so that I can verify accordingly?




@lrtetala Sorry for the late reply. I keep debuging this morning with your solution. It should be ok.
Thank you again for the strong support :laughing:

@chandreshsinh.jadeja Thank you for the detail guidance. Let me keep trying today :smiley: