How to load multiple excel files into the single queue

Hi All,
I am reading multiple emails (Excel) attachments from outlook and then loading them into the queue to upload the data in SAP system.
Once the task is done ( excel file data is uploaded) I want to reply back to same email , How can i achieve this through dispatcher - performer

How can I load the file into the single queue from dispatcher and work with them in the performer and reply to the email once single file upload is done.

Can we use a Parent-Child queue method , and how can we implement that.

You can pass information between queues, so in the original dispatcher when retrieving the emails/attachments store the email sender (eMail.From.ToString ) and add that specific content to the queue item also.

Then in your performer build a component to reply to the email using the specific content from the queue item

thanks for the response Tim.
One more query, regarding the data upload how to find out that items from one excel is completed and then reply back the status on email for that file and then look for another one.

I would process the email and save the attachments down to a shared drive etc - you could then add the filepath for each excel file to the queue item to process them individually.

Your main process will consist of reading the excel file, uploading data in SAP and then sending our status email (this would be managed in a workflow)

The REFramework will loop through queue items in orchestrator to pick up the next queue item etc.

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What if the email are coming from same sender and we need to reply to the specific email,
Can we retrieve the email with Email ID or something ?