How to Load Macro When Opening Them Via Start Process

Hello, I have two Excel files, one contains data and one contains macro.
When I open them manually (without UiPath), I can see the macro in the macro list, hence can operate it.
But when I use UiPath to open them (using Start Process), there is nothing in the macro list.
Seems like the macro is not loaded automatically when opened using Start Process.
(Tried: changing the order of opening files, inserting 5 secs delay too with no avail).

Is there any suggestion how I can load the macro when opening using Start Process?

Manual Steps:

  1. Open Data.xlsx
  2. Open Macro.xls
  3. Go back to Data.xls, Alt + F8 (Open Macro)4
  4. I see “Macro.xls!JoinNames” in Macro List

Manual Steps Result:

UiPath Steps:

UiPath Result:

Thank you always!