How to Load Into Orchestrator from Outside machine

My company built some code for a customer. It is seven total files, including the main.xaml. We built this on our own machines, in our own environment. We need to publish this code to Orchestrator in their environment. They have very strict security so we cannot access internet or download files. There are a few shared drives we can access to move the .xaml files into the environment however.

How do we go about pushing this code to orchestrator? Do we need to have Studio installed in the client environment so that we can publish files from there?

Download compiled package from your orchestrator (*.nupkg) and upload in client orchestrator. Take into consideration package, configuration and application dependencies and UiPath versions…

If no OR is available packages are published/loaded from package folder.


You can make a Package using studio and you can copy to the shared drives which you can accessible in Company environment

Once it is copied, upload the package manually to orchestrator, then you are fine to go with schedule

Hope this helps you


Would the code be able to run once it is in their environment without Studio installed? Additionally, we need to change certain variables into Assets and create a trigger. Would we be able to make those changes? We have been running through Studio without orchestrator thus far on our end, but pushing to their side has been a huge roadblock for us.

Changing var to assets can be done beforehand, by pushing the change to your orchestrator/package.

Triggers are no problem IF your client has an orchestrator. Studio is not necessary, but Robot is…

Our client has an Orchestrator, but no Studio/Robot. We have a Studio, but no orchestrator. It seems the best course of action for us and our client will be to install Studio and Robot on their system. That will allow us to make edits and push code from within their system rather than having to fight through the transition from our system into theirs.

The greatest downside of not having Studio in client environment is, that there might be significant differences in your operational environment.

Also, your client requires the installation of Robot, as they would otherwise not be able to run your automation package. Why would they have an orchestrator without Robot in the first place? Test-Suite?

btw, you dont need Orchestrator to distribute packages. Without Orchestrator, Studio still compiles the package and stores it locally. From there you can take the file and transfer it manually into either client studio/Robot or Orchestrator