How to link job triggered by queue item to queue item via Webhooks


I am trying to determine the best-practice for associating jobs with the queue items that triggered them via webhooks. Here is what I am trying to do:

--> Create queue item, create a reference to that job along with a unique identifier in my database
--> Listen for job.completed webhooks, and mark the job complete in my database

It seems that one way to do this is:
→ Pass a unique ID as part of the SpecificContent property when creating the QueueItem
→ Pass it through the job as a an In/Out argument, so that it appears in the OutputArguments object that shows up in the job.completed webhook.

Best this feels like a hack, not best practice. Are there better practices out there?

I have the same issue. How can I create reference from queue item to job? And I have quesition is it possible to get output arguments, when the job failed?

In the first video, you will see how Use Orchestrator Webhooks in Power Automate:

In the second video you can see how I use the Slack Webhooks to communicate with UiPath:

To trigger a process from Queue check this:
Gmail trigger UiPath process | Configuration (IMAP) (SMPT) - YouTube
Cristian Negulescu

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I have this issue also. We are using the Queue Schema and Hookups and need to link the Job ID and Queue ID to get all info the arguments in the Queue Transaction.

There is an API to anything to link them?

What a nightmare !!