How to Link from a Flow Switch to another Flow Switch?

Hi Guys,

I am having a variable = “BU” , where the “BU” will contains 100+ different departments, I am thinking of designing 1 Flow Switch to handle 10 BU, then the rest link from the current Flow Switch A (10) to Flow Switch B (10) , is that possible ??

Or any better suggestions for the flow??


Can you make it more clear what exactly you wanna do

@jasonck2 You can use the Default part of the Flow Switch

Hi ImPratham45,

It is currently the situation as below :

Business Unit Tax

  • Tax 1 Sub Department
  • Tax 2 Sub Department
  • Tax 3 Sub Department
  • so on …

Business Unit Consulting

  • Consulting 1 Sub Department
  • Consulting 2 Sub Department
  • Consulting 3 Sub Department
  • so on …

I am thinking of using 1x Flow Switch for each BU, basically it will capture the BU from the Excel, let say the Excel is showing “Tax 2 Sub Department” > it will go through Flow Switch 1 to check whether it is within that Flow Switch, if not, then it will go to Flow Switch 2 to check.

Possible to be like that??

Because If I am using just 1 Flow Switch, it will have 100+ lines to link over for the Flowchart, for sure will looks messy.

As per my understanding
If BU is not in first switch then it will check in second switch ryt?

If it is ryt then you can just

add another switch in 1st switch and it will be your default

I see, must be “Default” then it only will link over from Flow Switch 1 to Flow Switch 2 ?? Cause I can see some others are showing “Case 2” / “Case3” … and so on

For linking to other switch use default if it will not find that case in that switch
so it will go in default that will be your other switch

I see, thanks for the help, really appreciate that!!

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