How to limit "specific data" information in Queue?

In the specific data section when viewing details on a queue item it shows all of my columns headers.

Here is my the columns headers to my excel sheet.

Here is the read range activity.

Is there a way to limit the stuff that gets shown in the specific data? I only need column E and G.How can i just get that information without all the other columns?

Thank you.

Hi @michaelamay0,

I assume that the scenario is: you add some items to the queue and them retrieve them back later. If you have your data in a datatable, you could access the value only of the column that you want. Use a for each row and in each row use the code row.item(“Column name”).tostring and pass this in the add queue activity.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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After you read excel use filter datatable to remove in wanted columns
Then you push data to queue
But we don’t have any option to limit specificdata

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Maybe to add to what @Schirru and @venkat4u have said:

You have two possibilities at the moment to add data to a queue:

  1. Add Queue Item - Activity: Here you can directly specifiy which data gets put in the queue by using the collection in the activity

  2. Bulk Add queue Items" - Activity: This will upload the complete datatable into seperated queue items . If you are using this activity then you can use the Filter Datatable activity to limit to the columns you want

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