How To License Another Tenant And How Does The Sharing Of License Work Between Tenants?

How to allocate the License to other tenant and sharing the license between the tenants works?

Follow the steps below to license the other tenant at host level:

  1. Log into Orchestrator at host level with admin credentials and proceed to license the other tenant as shown below:


  1. Allocate the appropriate number of available licenses in the appropriate box.

For ex., 5 Unattended runtimes were allocated in the below screenshot.


  1. Now click allocate at the bottom of same page when scrolled down. After that the other tenant will be licensed.


  1. If the "Allocate Licenses" option not available in the host level tenant as screenshot below, then that means that Orchestrator has been licensed at Tenant level and not at Host level. See the screenshot below how the "Allocate" option is missing:

  1. To license the secondary tenant, log into the secondary tenant with admin credentials and activate the same license key online or offline. Notice the same number of licenses as seen in primary tenant.
Read for more information on Managing Your Licenses.

How does the Sharing of License between Tenant work and what are the possible errors?

Suppose when 2 Unattended licenses on Tenant 1 are already connected with Robots and if tried to connect Robots with other Tenant 2, then an error "There is no available runtime" is thrown.

So this shared concept will work when there are free licenses available in Orchestrator. For example: 1 UR is connected on Tenant 1 and 1 Unattended license is completely free, then that free license can be used to connect the other Robot on Tenant 2.