How to let the robot knows email has sent and input flagged?

Hi All,

Possible to input a flag in the excel data for which item has processed?

Example, i have a list of emails, items which has filter and sent by email,

This would be a daily task for robot to process.

My objective for this is to resolve on the second day it processed, it should not capture the same data as yesterday and send email again.

My data filter basis is base on 2 month in advance.

All activities is working fine, except for the challenges which i wanted to let the robot to know for what i have processed on yesterday or before as flag thing.


In your workflow, in the email activity, you can filter only the unread emails → the unread emails mean they are not processed yet, and your process can continue the next day to process them.

Hi @marian.platonov

Thank you for your replied.

I have a list of item in excel and also already a list of email there to let robot read which item to send to which emails address.

But the objective is to achieve in a way like what robot have send today base on the list, not necessarily need to send on tomorrow onwards again.


I don’t know if you’re using transactions or not, but if I understood correctly, one row in Excel is one transaction you want to process; send email. Excel is the input data.

I would do it by adding two columns to the Excel: ID and Processed. ID would be unique id for the row, e.g. a growing number starting from 1, fill up the values manually. Processed would be boolean, true or false, by default all are false.

Automation would first read only those columns from Excel where Processed == false. From the results, automation would go through them one by one. If queues are used, one item is one queue item with the necessary details (ID, email address of the receiver and other necessary data from the row).

After one item is successfully done, it would update the Excel by setting Processed column to true. Correct row can be found with the ID which is found from the data of the item/transaction.

Hi @EevaHanninen

possible to have the robot sample for this?

ExcelSample.xlsx (8.5 KB)

Sample.xaml (3.6 KB)


Actually Filter activity is no good here, sorry my bad, at least not for the easiest solution.

Tried it and here’s one quick way of how to do it (project is C#): Loop the rows of the Excel and for each row, check the Process Status column value. If not processed yet, do whatever you need and update the column in the end. Save Excel after each row.

Main.xaml (12.6 KB)
project.json (1.4 KB)

No transactions are used here. If they are needed, you would need to do it a bit differently.

Hopefully this helps!

Hi @EevaHanninen

Thank you for the sample.

But i have got an error in condition expression when trying to create the activities.

row[“Process Status”].tostring () != “Done”

and also how do i write in “DONE” in column process status whenever done sending details

Hey @Alfred_Gan

Are you using VB? Sorry, my example was on C#. In VB, the if statement should be like this:

row("Process Status").ToString <> "DONE"

And to update the row value:

row("Process Status") = "DONE"


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