How to let the bot follow the NEW and DIFFERENT web tab (dynamic web tab)?

Can you see it this time?


No, it’s expired.

see this one:

or the first row of the new web page is:


It seems xml file. How do you want to handle this?


I don’t know. That’s where I need help.

The new web page address changes every time. But I need to capture data on this New web Page. How to direct the bot to 1) get to the new & different page each time, and 2) for it to collect data from 1).


In this case, it may be better to get XML file using HTTP request activity in WebAPI pack because it’s not contents for web browser.
Can you check the following sample? Please replace URL with valid one. (50.4 KB)


I cannot open the UiPath project you sent. It shows:

I installed the WebAPI pack. I can see the option of “Programming > XML” in the Activities pane. Based on the screenshot you shared, you suggested the following:

  1. Set variable value
  2. HTTP import
  3. Message box

How could I do step 1)?

I am stuck at step 1 - I couldn’t find this activity in StudioX. And the variable value is a dynamic value. How do I do that?

p.s., I find HTTP import.


Which version of StudioX do you use? It might be “SaveForLater” or other name in older version.


It is “SaveforLater!” This is great! Thank you!

The next issue is how to capture the dynamic web page, which provides the value for this variable. How to capture the new webpage address each time?

What I tried is to “get attribute,” but it doesn’t give me the option of the new webpage. It only gives me the option of the excel file or the initial search page. That is, the “990” button to click also has the same url as the url of the initial search page. see below:


First ,can you check details of 990 button using Developer tool of browser. If there is URL of the target XML, get it using GetAtttributre with src attribute for example.


where to find the " Developer tool of browser?"

Right click on the target , then choose Inspect , if chrome.

I opened the inspect. It shows the following:

Does it mean the thing in the “/nonprofits/download-xml?object_id=202103019349301745” is what I needed?


I think we are making progress. But, I cannot find the src attribute:

Endpoint URL is

The page's domain name (" for example) + "/nonprofits/download-xml?object_id=202103019349301745"

o.k. but how to grab this value (and use it in the next http request)?

Can you try to use GetAttribute with “href” attribute? Then combine domain name with it and use it in HTTP Request.