How To Launch SAP In Non-Admin Mode?

How to launch SAP in Non-Admin mode?

Issue Description:

When trying to run a process which involves launching the SAP application, it works fine in Attended mode but while trying the same in Unattended mode it is failing with error "Unable to connect to the SAP Scripting Interface. Check if the correct executable is selected or try increasing the value of NumberOfRetries and/or RetryInterval.-->SAP Logon".


  1. Open Task Manager ----> Go to Details tab ---> right click on the Name ----> Select columns ----> Select elevated from the list and click OK.
  1. Now, check for SAPLogon.exe and see if the elevated property is 'Yes/No' and check the same for UiPath Assistant and UiPath Studio. Basically for both UiPath and SAP the elevated property should be 'No' because by default UiPath is launched without elevated permissions (Non-Admin privileges) whereas if SAP is getting launched with the elevated column as 'Yes' then due to this there will be issues as the elevation level of both applications are different.

In this case both applications need to run with the same elevation.

In most of the cases it has been observed that SAP by default gets launched with elevated permissions and hence it is recommended to launch SAP without elevated permissions.

For this, follow the below steps to launch SAP without elevated permissions :

  • Right click on SAPLogon.exe ---> Properties ----> Compatibility ----> Change settings for all users ----> Uncheck the Option "Run this program as administrator".