How to launch excel and click on "Audit Enablers" tab in excel using uipath (refer the screenshot)

how to launch excel and then click on “Audit Enablers” tab in excel using uipath ? . please refer the screenshot

use start process activity and pass the file path of excel file
–then use maximize window activity so that the screen goes to gull screen
–then use click activity to click on that option, enable simulate click property in the property panel of click activity
Cheers @KavithaManohar

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Can i launch the App called MicroStart using its loaction - “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Service Delivery Tools\ xxx MicroSTART 2xxx.lnk” using this Start process activity ??

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yes of course
Cheers @KavithaManohar

but i got this error for excel case, even after launching the excel sheet.

Fine, that must be a exe application
pass that as input to Filename in open application activity
and kindly try once
Cheers @KavithaManohar

i got this error while launching the MicroStart app, it is launching the App very late and throwing the Run time error

did open application work on it buddy
Cheers @KavithaManohar