How to know which workflow you are sending specific arguments to?

I am sorry if the tag is wrong, but I couldn’t find ARGUMENT tag.

I am confused with arguments. In a workflow, if you are invoking more than one workflow, how do you know which argument(s) you are sending to which workflow?

For example, I have main.xaml, exampleA.xaml, and exampleB.xaml. If I want to invoke exampleA and exampleB from main, and I need to send both of them different arguments, how can you differentiate them? When I open “Arguments” from main.xaml, it shows all in_XXXX and out_XXXX arguments, but I cannot tell which one is used for exampleA and which one for exampleB.

Am I doing something wrong?

The arguments that you see in Main.xaml are arguments for Main.xaml. They are not getting passed into other workflows. To pass an argument to a workflow you type it into the arguments section in an Invoke Workflow activity.

Here I am passing an argument called “in_ClientName” to a workflow. The workflow will receive the argument with the client name I have typed in the “Value” field.


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