How to Know when the next column in excel is empty and filling data on web

Hi, I have a requirement for this situation

  1. I wanted to check the next field / column is empty or not from datatable i read range from excel application scope
  2. If the next field / column is empty i want to trigger a log message
  3. If the next field / column is not empty i want to click add item button to input that data in web form

Can you guys help me about it ? thanks before

Hi @Adrian_Razeluxe

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You can use for each row to loop through each row in dt1 and use the following if Condition



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Thank you for your reply @NIVED_NAMBIAR , if the case i didnt know / random name column name what logic should i used ?

If column is in same place and name keep changing u can use column index instead of column name
for first column in excel column index would be zero for second column it should be one like that

so u can use something like