How to know the uipath trial pack expiry

I received “welcome to your RPA journey. Download UiPath Studio” this mail on 18th June.
Is 18th August when my trial pack expires?

hello @amitsa please check you expire date in “help” as shown below

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Thanks Ajay !

Also, i have downloaded the course ,

Can you please let me know how can i check its expiry?


Amita Saraf

once you start the course you will get to know about it…!!

Hi Ajay,

I got a mail mentioning below text on 15th June as shown in screen shot.

And i am learning from this website.

Is there any expiry for this course or is it that it expires only after i give final test?

Inline image



There is no expiry for the course as of now

Goto HELP Menu


Once you got Expired the Trail version you can renew using the below link


Thanks Ajay And Prankur :slight_smile:

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Thanks Arivu!