How to know the range of a filtered datatable so that i can pass the range dynamically to create table

dear developers, i need to filter a datatable and write range the datatable into another sheet. but at the the same time i need to create/insert table for that written range… may i know how to determine the range so that i can dynamically enter the range for create table activity. kindly need your advise. thank you

once you filter the data table you can get that data into a new data table by creating a new one in the output datatable.
then you can use the datatable to enter the data into the excel sheet by using write range activity

hi thanks for the response, however my concern is on how to determine the range of the datatable before writing range so that when i use the create table activity i can pass the range dynamically

i’m sorry I did not quite get you.
for build datatable you don’t need to specify any range the only thing you need to mention is column names and the data type which you will already know while filtering the data table

I agree with Sandhya here. However, if you must know the size before hand, You can get the row count, assign that to a range variable and go from there.
but the easiest way is to create the datatable with column names and go from there.