How to know my UiPath certificate license number?

I wanted to update my license number of Uipath certificates on Linked In.
How can i know my certificate number?
Can anybody please throw some light on it?

Thanks in advance!

Rishabh Lakhera


Certificate name will be something like this.
154_10_49494_1515569574_RPA Developer - UiPath Orchestrator 2016.2

The number from 154 to last underscore is your licence number for that specific certificate.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
So will it be till ‘4’ or the underscore before RPA?

I mean will it be


Apologies for late reply.
I have added 154_10_49494_1515569574 in linked in. It accepted without any errors.

I thought of raising a query to UiPath team regarding this. But I use community version, so couldn’t raise. If someone from UiPath team aware of it, please let us know.

Saranya K R


@SaranyaKishore → Thanks for your answer of licence number.
Can you please share what is the ‘Certification URL’?