How to know Min and Max Uipath Studio version to add for my pakage/activity on Marketplace?

Hi Sagar,
Plese find below response to your questions.

Question 1:- Do i have to check the licence is autorized or checked by a authorized personal (I am using MIT Open Licence)
Response: You can share a URL of the license or text associated to your license in the license URL field. For instance, if you are using MIT license you can provide a link to MIT license text. Or you can use this link to generate MIT license. The MIT License – Open Source Initiative

Question 2:- So do i have to add in both owner and author?
Response: You may choose to keep yourself as author and company as owner. However, the reason Marketplace team recommends providing company name in both Authors and Owners field is that this not only helps in maintaining consistency across listings for future versions but also enhances branding of enterprise listings.

Question3:- As shown in the below image im able to install the pakage in the same UiPath version
Response: Please share this image with Marketplace team. Or you can also share a recording of execution of your activity with any version of UiPath Studio that supports Windows compatibility. The Marketplace team only wants to know if this package has worked with UiPath Studio-Windows at your end.

Question4 :- How to know which UiPath version supports my pakage/activity ?
Response: Your activity will work with all UiPath Studio versions which support that compatibility. For example, if you have created a “Windows” or “.Net6” compatible activity then it will work with all versions of UiPath Studio that support “Windows” compatibility.

We recommend using latest UiPath Studio version because the “End of mainstream & extended support” will be available for maximum period for latest version. For instance, all “2023.10.0”, “2023.4.5”, and “2022.10.11” support “Windows” compatible activities. Developing and testing on “2023.10.0” offers end-users maximum end of LTS support.

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