How to know keyboard input source or Caps lock status

I found type into activity is sensitive for keyboard input source and Caps lock.
if keyboard input source was set in Korean, then the type into English text resulting broken character.
if keyboard was Caps lock on, then type into numeric resulting non numeric character.

how to detect keyboard input source and Caps lock status
and how to force keyboard input source to English keyboard
and Caps lock off (lower character, non-UPPER character)


For now, can you try to use SetClipboard then paste it to the field? This may avoid the matter.


note: We can also use KeyboardShortcut activity.


I use set variable activity.
setClipboard activity is different?

It’s different. SetToClipboard activity sets string to Clipboard of OS. We can input this to textbox etc using Ctrl+V shortcut and it might avoid CAPS lock and/or IME status matter.


I can not find SetToClipboard activity in my StudioX
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There seems no SetToClipboard in StudioX.
As workaround, can you try InvokeMethod activity as the following?

First, turn on Developer option at Filter in Activity panel then put InvokeMethod activity

TargetType : System.Windows.Forms.Clipbaord
MethodName : SetText

Set parameters as the above image.



With simulate it might not be can you try the same…it is an input method to be set in properties of type into

Also in studioX you can set value to clipboard using set to variable as well…like below(in advanced editor type this value)


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Thank you.
it works.
it helps me much more to simplify input value validation efforts.
to validate type into text,
after type into text,
call get text activity and compared again.

it reduces many steps.

thanks again.

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single Invoke Method works well.
but multiple Invoke Method for each Ctrl-V paste failed.


To isolate cause, can you try to put a few sec Delay before InvokeMethod, because shortcut operation is async.


also failed to run.


May I know where are you running the bot?

Also did you try woth simulate?


I’m running through Chrome Remote Desktop
what is simulate?


Simulate is an input method you would see in type into or click properties with that the capslock etc might not effect

is it a windows vm only?


I think that was because Chrome Remote Desktop.
when I test Clipboard through Microsoft RDP, it works well.

then I will try simulate method aswell.

to regenerate my problem,
set keyboard source as Korean, and set Korean Character Input mode as OS level
and try type into to a custom field, then it generate broken strings.

also if I use non-unicode windows application, easy to regenerate.
non-unicode application support is known problem of UiPath.

but I’m not sure my application is non-unicode base or not.

anyway I will not try clipboard anymore because Chrome Remote Desktop does not support clipboard related activity for attended bot

when I use simulate mode, keyboard source problem solved.
but not sure Caps lock problem is solved.


Capslock also should be solved

try with sending any combination of letters and check


when I able to solve my problem by switch input modes from properties of type into activity.
it was not only simulate alternative, but also another alternatives.
each modes are sensitive by click before typing or empty field before typing
Caps Lock issue was resolved by using Hardware Events with None for empty and click before typing.
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