How to know if the page is ready for the next step

Hi to all,
I have a problem determining when the page is ready for selections.
I’m on a web GUI for entering contracts.
I land on this page, where through a select item, I have to book the offer …

When I set the offer in the first cell, the page becomes uneditable.
An animated “hourglass” cursor appears, pausing when the page is ready for new input.

the cursor: image

The waiting time is variable, generally a few seconds, (from 2 to 15)
but I would like to set a correct time.
That is, wait for the page to be available again.
How can I do?

thanks for any advice…

one technique is to use retry scope and check for a particulae element / trigger indicating the loading state

In your case it could be e.g find children to the drop down elements (when filled / exisiting, then it is loaded)

Some others are using the WaitForReady setting from some activities

Also we can combine different approaches / strategies

Modern activities now have retry built in. I’m just starting to experiment with using it.


triggered on this you can check on how the display status is triggered and also incorporating this into the checks. But keep in mind: no display will signal loaded. But also on the very begin it maybe will take some little time to change from no show hour glass to show hour glass. When bot is too fast and is doing evaluation the transition to early in this phase, the bot also will be wrong synchronized