How to know if queue items are present using studio

how to know if queue items are present in orchestrator or not using uipath studio activities?

“Get Queue Item” is a suitable activity, see the following link for more information:


visit uipath cloud ‘’. Login to it. Tenant > Folder > Queue > Check your queue transactions where you submitted the data.

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Hello @ydash999

Need few more clarity to this.

Are you trying to check in queue manually or you want some other solution without using queue activities???

If manually I hope you already created a queue. You can go inside that and find the transaction. You can click on each and view the transaction details inside that.

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i dont want to go to queue. i want to check from studio.thankss

Hello @ydash999 ,

Without using the UiPath activities, currently there is no provision in studio to check whether items are present in the queue or not.

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you can use either get queue item or get transaction item, If it returns any data then the queue item is present, if its null then there are no Open - queue items. There might also be a possibilities that all the transactions are already processed and updated the status.

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thankss a lot!

thankss bro!

Hi @ydash999 and @Divyashreem,

Avoid Get Transaction Item if you are only checking for existence of queue items
Do not use the Get Transaction Item to check if there are queue items if you are not going to process them at the same time. Get Transaction Item will lock the item to in-progress in the queue. So it tells you there are items, but it can also remove one item from processing and edit its state.

Get Queue Items is a safer activity for such checks
If you want to check the queue has items in it the safest activity is Get Queue Items, where you can filter the items as well. Choose the appropriate QueueItemStates to filter.

You can use the Pagination option to top=1, i.e., at the minimum there exists one item in the queue. If the count returned of QueueItems variable is > 0 (QueueItems.Count > 0) then there is an item in the queue.


thankss a lot!

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