How to know if Data scraping is applicable?

Hi guys, so i’ve tried using data scraping and screen scraping on an application called IBM Notes. I wanted to extract the User ID from a table that has random number of users depending on which request i click on (E.g. some may have 3 user id while some may have 2). However, when i was using Data Scraping, after i click on the very first source field, it doesn’t show me any preview data at all even though there are clearly other ID and other data (E.g. Date and status) in the table…

The preview data just shows the ID that i have clicked on. I thought i may have done it wrong and clicked on the header (E.g. the top most column that says “User ID”) but it does not seem to work too. I’ve tried screen scraping with both native and full text but i’m getting the same result.

Does this mean that Data scraping is not applicable here even though the data does seem to be structured?

Hi @wasd If the preview is not showing any results then it means that the data scraping wizard is unable to scrape data successfully. So yes may be it is not a case where scraping will help.

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Thanks for the reply!!

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