How to know exactly 3 or 2 matched out of 4 strings

i need to get any 3 or 2 match from 4 strings be compared as shown in screenshot in if statement i have compared all for as mandotory full matched similar i need if any 3 or 2 matched as partial matched.partial matchd to be in else,
firstname.ToLower.Trim = GPS_FIRSTNAME.ToLower.Trim and lastname.ToLower.Trim = GPS_LASTNAME.ToLower.Trim AND DOB.ToLower.Trim = GPS_DOB.ToLower.Trim AND MEDICAREno.ToLower.Trim = GPS_MEDICARENO.ToLower.Trim) full matched

please help how to do partial match

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are a few ways to tackle this problem,
a quick check would be to pass back an interger value for each true / false statement.

So you could use IF(firstname.ToLower.Trim = GPS_FIRSTNAME.ToLower.Trim,1,0) - this will return an integer of 1 of true and 0 if false.

In an assign (of type Int) add the following statement -
IF("a"="a",1,0) + IF("b"="b",1,0) + IF("c"="e",1,0) + IF("d"="f",1,0)

This will return an integer value from 0-4 depending on how many true / false values there are.

You can then do what you want with that number to check for partial match etc :slight_smile: