How to Kill some process when click the Assistants stop button?

Hi guys!
This question sounds very simple.
I use REF and click stop button of Assistant,But notepad will not close.
Anyone give me some suggestion?
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Notepad will not close automatically.
You can use click activity to click Close button of notepad.
Use Close Window activity to close the notepad.

Hi @adi.mehare
Thanks for your reply.
I know how to kill the notepad, I mean If I click the robot stop button, The process will not run the End module.

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No, it will not run end module of RE Framework.

Hi @adi.mehare
I remembered that this function has been mentioned in Academy, and I have seen my employee has done this.
So…maybe can do this.

I understand it now.
In Close All Applications you have use Kill Process with Process name as “notepad.exe”.
Use same activity but with correct parameter as “notepad” and it will work

Hi @adi.mehare
Actually, the end part will not execute, even I write notepad. :worried:

I checked with other project too.
If you stop from execution from Assistant then “End” stage of REF wont execute.

Although, if you start process from orchestrator and Stop it then it will execute “End” of REF.

Is it a bug? Or It should be like this. :sweat_smile:

It should be like this.
It stops the process from executing it further

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