How to kill process with a click on cancel button

Hi ,

I need help to use kill process , in this case :

  • I write two dates in two input dialog

  • Next a message box appears with the two dates and check if all dates are correct :

          if i  click ok,  the process follows ,
          if i  click cancel , the process is killed. 

How i must use “kill process” in this case ?


Hi @frederic-f.bonnet,

Take the output of the message box and use it in If as follows.


In then part use kill process.

Thank you for your help,
I am a beginner with this RPA, can you explain me more precisely especially the Kill process step.

Hi @frederic-f.bonnet,

Kill process means you need to stop the process?

In that case use this in If activity msgOutput.Tostring.ToLower.Equals(“ok”)

In then part you continue with your process. In else you keep it empty.

Or you can use Terminate workflow activity to kill process. But its not recommended as it stops the process by throwing exception. You can give a try.

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