How to Keep Header as it is in Docx?

Hi everyone,

1.i have docx template with some content. docx some data will be enter with palceholders like {0,{1}.the data will come from excel. when data coming from excel a new docx will be created.that time the header of the template was not coming into newly generated docx?
4.i want the header same like where iam reading from like same font,color and there is image also.

How can i do that Help Me
Thanks in Advance

Hi Krishnareddy,

Please try to do the operations within the word application scope.
This might help in preserving the format, font, color etc.

Please let me know for futher queries, or give some more details of what you are looking for.


Hi @ronak_94 Thanks for ur resopnse
I Have tried with add headers activity but getting error.