How to jump send second tag to prepare dynamic selectors

Hi Can any one please help me to prepare dynamic selectors in uipath.
As you can see in the screenshot there and html structure.

i have prepared selector to come upto div tag.
But there 2 div’s i need to go always to 2nd DIV.As per my knowledge i am going step by step came upto DIV tags.
Is there any chance to jump directly to 2nd DIV.
Like :in selenium we will give div(2) in xpath like that???

Please help me i am completely structed here since 3 days …there many div’s in the application, no specific names and ID’s for this ,in every situation i want to select one tag out of many tags.

Hi @prasanna.Ui

What happens if you double click the second div? It should adapt the selector by taking it’s elements from the tree.
My guess is that it would add an idx parameter.


I agree

Thanks @loginerror

I tried in that way also but it is taking child of the 1 st DIV itself.means it is it is taking like


But i need to move to 2nd DIV. for example :header//div[2].

I need to jump to DIV which is marked in red color .

It really looks like it should select the second one. I suppose you could check it by pointing a Find Children activity to the Header and printing the selectors for the children elements based on that. It could show you what the selector should be.