How to join two entities?

Hi All,

I’m wondering how to fetch an entity table and include another field from entityB where a field in entityA have relationship to.

One of the example is I have a Customer entity which has TimeZone as relationship type to the TimeZone entity. I want to use fetch and display the customer entity with the TimeZone name which is in the TimeZone entity.

Thank you!


Do you have any common coloumn between both? If yes then first get the common column value using the customer name and then use one more get from entity B to get the related timezone using that common column value


@Anil_G Thanks for the reply. The common column is the TimeZone column with relationship as type to the TimeZone table. can you show me an example of how the expression would look like? I’m trying to use it as data source for the table. Unfortunately the doc isn’t very good at explaining the fetch function and what the parameters do.


You need in studio or apps?


@Anil_G In apps please.

@LeoRX ,

you can’t join entity into apps. Data service do not support advanced operations yet.



Just tried expanding as well in apps…I dont think it is expanding any other fields other than the joined field

So it might not be viable…

one way to do it would be to call a process join both and get the data and display the joined data


Thanks all. Yes. As I suspected. I did rise this with though insider more than a year ago. I figure, it may be possible to us VB to do so now…
I do try and avoid calling robot process as possible, due to the delay in responsiveness. It was one of the main reasons for us to create copies of data in data services in the first place.
I hope the feature will be implemented soon.

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