How to iterate through text in a web browser and then click on text (and perform some other actions) containing specific keywords

Hi All,

I have been working on a bot automation where I use open browser to navigate to a particular screen, on the left of the screen there are certain tasks stated , I want the bot to iterate through those tasks and find the ones containing the word “Onboarding” within their text , click on that task and perform another click and get text action on the new screen. So basically I am looking for the bot to find every task containing the text on boarding on the screen and perform certain actions and then move to the next line item containing the word onboarding. I tried data scraping etc but could not get it to work. Any help or direction is appreciated.

I have also attached a screen shot of what the screen looks like. the data needs to be read from the left part on the screen.

Hi buddy
Kindly follow the below steps that could help you resolve this issue
–kindly use a retry scope activity for this
–in the lower part of retry scope activity use the activity called ELEMENT EXISTS or IMAGE EXISTS, where select that term onboarding as a element or a image
–then in the upper part of retry scope use two activities in sequence like this

  1. First use Click activity and click this arrow in the scroll bar to scroll down or if its not selectable, use send hot key activity and select that region element and use key pgdn
  2. next use a click activity to click on that term onboarding by selecting that as a element

Thats all buddy you are done
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

Thanks a lot @Palaniyappan but it gives me the following error. Also do you have any sample workflow that I can use as a reference

Increase the number of Retry property bin Retry scope Activity to 100 or something in that range…
Make sure that all these activities are within a ATTACH WINDOW or ATTACH browser Activity

Cheers @Ashish_Mehra

I have executed the activities under open browser activity. The above is not working still, could you please provide a small example if possible . Many thanks

Hi All,

The above problem was resolved via the following process:

  1. I used data scraping to scrape all the tasks into a data table
  2. I filtered the data table for tasks containing specific word “Onboarding”
  3. I assigned a variable to the above filtered data
  4. I used for each row activity and fed the above variable into the selector to click on those specific tasks

Let me know if anyone needs any further clarification

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