How to iterate through serial numbers and get data

I have usecase ,But i am not getting a clarity how to solve it
The usecase is

in these image u can see that there is & catalogue now , I want open each catalogue and get the information of that catalogue
how my robot can do this ?

HI @Manisha541

I think you can use the data scraping wizard for this. Use the wizard to scrape the data and get the details onto a datatable. For the Catalog, try to get the link of the button through the data scraping wizard.

Next, you can check the selector of each catalog button to see whether there are any dynamic tags that change for each row like the row number etc. If there is, you can use the serial number of the row number of the datatable in the selector so that you can access each button using a for each row loop activity.

get the idea?

Tq @Lahiru.Fernando, I will try to do this ,If any issues i will ping u

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@Lahiru.Fernando, The data scraping is not able to get the url of catalogue ,But selector has table row that is changing for each row and specific catalogue is selected ,how can i use this table row to iterate through all no’s and select the specific catalogue

create a dynamic selector and assign desired row value number to the selector and verify.

I am not getting u @GBK can u explain through steps how to click each catalogue


What you can do is, you can make the selector dynamic here. What i mean is something like this.

So here, based on your image, The selector of the serial number 2 has a tableRow tag whch is equal to 3 in the selector. So do you see a pattern? Serial Number + 1

Use a for each row activity to loop through the serial numbers you extracted from data scraping…
Inside the loop, use a click activity to click on the catalog button. First, get the selector from indicate item on screen option.
Now, edit the selector to make the tableRow property of the selector dynamic with the variable we have, which is the serial number…

<html app='chrome' title='Deskxpo 2020'  />
<webctrl id='MyTable' tag='TABLE' />
<webctrl islead='1' TableCol='2' TableRow='" + (Int32.Parse(row("SerialNumber").ToString) + 1).ToString + "' tag='TD'" />
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the selector is not valid if i tried that table row

Can you show me a normal selector for a catalogue button?

this is the normal selector of catalogue of 1

@Lahiru.Fernando ,I have to make any changes in workflow

anybody please help me out in these @anoopap @Shubham_Varshney

Make the tablerow tag of the selector dynamic…

Have a int variable and assign the value to it first… It should be serial number + 1

Int variable = Int32.Parse(row(“Sno”).ToString) + 1

Now, in the selector, make the tablerow section dynamic by introducing the variable

tablerow='" + variable.ToString + "' />

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These has to be replaced with double quotations


morning @Manisha541

Do the following…

  1. Open selector Editor
  2. in the place you are putting the dynamic variable, press Cntrl+Space
  3. You will get the option to add variable available

Assign the variable @Lahiru.Fernando asked you to add…
Try again…

Do let me know in case of issue/concern.

Good day :smiley:

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Hey @Shubham_Varshney Bro… Been a long time since we last spoke… How are you dude!!

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I am good… switched jobs again and kinda being in a hectic schedule…

What about you @Lahiru.Fernando ?

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