How to Iterate through each Web URL

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Hi @Abdullah0

using foreach you can iterate the list of web url’s

but what exactly you are trying to do


Hi @Abdullah0

Can you add more details where the url comming from ?

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Resim de ki konulara tek tek tıklayarak içerisindeki verileri alarak ardından bir sonraki konuya girecek ve onun verilerini alacak.


Try Data Scrapping, Scrap the Name as First element and second element next name


There you can extract the url’s

after that you have to use for each on the list you extract

Hope this helps


first of all thanks for your help.

I get the URL, but how can I loop?

use foreach activity to loop into the URL list which was extracted to datatable

For how to do foreach activity, please refer below


I was able to. It is okay . Thanks

Try Data scrapping with each column mapping and extract url/link to another column.
Name,link,other details column.
do a data table for each row activity -> use Navigate To activity to navigate to each url.