How to iterate through each row and display it as string?


I want to iterate through each row of an Excel file and compare that to another row of a diffrent file. For this I started with a for each row loop:
for each row in DT → assign: rowstring = row.toString
message box displays “”

what’s wrong ?


@B.D Can you share your xaml or screenshot. To easily address the issue.

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You can use “String.join(”,“,Row.itemArray)” in Assign activity to place whole DataRow to a String


You need to specify the column index or column name you want to get from the datatable.
i.e. rowstring = row(0).ToString or row(“YourColumnName”).ToString


because it is an array of data i.e. all columns data present in that row
So you can write it like
Row(“Column Name”).tostring
if u know the index of column
Row(0).tostring------for 1st column

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Use row.itemArray() and assign to any array variable with string format.

Or use get row item activity and pass the item(row) and column name print it…

Hope it helps.

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can’t it check the entire row ?

As your title say you want just to display the row and the best way in my opion is the solution posted by @srdjan.suc .

If you want to compare an entire row with another to check if it is the same I think you have to extract each value from every column and compare it.

To access the value use: row(column_index)

Hope to help you.

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Awesome exactly what I needed. to get this right… So “string.join” joins each item to a single string format of the string array, “,” marks the seperation of the elements and “row.itemarray” specifies the type of the array ? Or did I get it wrong ?

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Yes exactly that :slight_smile:

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