How to iterate through an application using Value mapping

i have created a workflow in the Application /Browser. My objective is very similar to this but I am not updating a website, I am updating a cloud based application.

So far I am able to do a “Type Into” action that will complete the Client ID, but for some reason, it is only going through the Excel list and inputting the client ID but will not move to the next input Field “Project ID” and then click the Open Project.


What am I doing wrong???


I would recommend using the MessageBox activity to make sure you iterate over you Excel data correctly, before adding the "Type into’ activities.

Your Excel file should look like this, please select the whole range or the worksheet, not just cell A2


Looping though the data should look like this:

Thanks I appreciate your response. But how does the message box help me put my data into the Client ID and Project ID field?