How to iterate through a web table if results aren't known beforehand?


I hope you guys can help me with this following problem. I need to search up numbers in a table on a webpage, but the amount of results I get back are always different. If I get more than 20 results, I send an email. If not, I have to open the result in a dropdown menu.

I probably have to use table extraction and a for each activity to iterate through the results, but I’m lost on the correct steps… thank you for the help in advance!

Hi @Nomad ,

Are you able to detect and extract the WebTable using the Data scraping Wizard?
If so, then you can use this to determine its row count:


Or you can directly place this inside of an If Activity:

ExtractedDataTable.Rows.Count > 20

Send Mail
Do Something Else

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

That’s it, thank you so much!

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