How to iterate n times in a workflow

Hello guys,

i need to run a process for 100 times repetitively. how can achieve this challenge.

kindly help

Thanks in advance

Are you using orchestrator?
If yes schedule a robot in orchestrator.
Count how much time your robot is taking to complete the process. (count the end time by 100*n minutes)
And then schedule a robot to run for every ā€˜nā€™ minutes until that time.

Karthik Byggari

Thanks for the reply Karthik,

i am not running a bot through orchestrator, inside a single Bot i need a process to be looped in foreach for 100 times.


Use a While/Do while loop with a counter variable and call your process inside the loop.
Make the loop condition to match with 100, if it reaches 100 you can terminate the loop and come out of it.

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Hi @asha_TN,

User while/do while loop activity.


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Thank you guys,
It is working .:slight_smile:

Updated the title of post for better understanding.

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