How to iterate loop over anchor tags in desktop application

Hello Everyone

I have a list of users in an old desktop application that I’m trying to loop over and collect some data.

Since it doesn’t have reliable UI selectors, I’m using anchors to select the items however, I’m unable to loop over the list of users in this situation.

What would be the best way to archive his?


What type of desktop application are you working with?

This is a desktop application, natively installed not through Citrix or remote desktop.

If its java based then you can setup additional dll and you will be able to identify them correctly.
See below:

unfortunately it’s not a java based, I believe the app is written with .Net or C sharp.

What other options do you think I can try?

This is another example of windows application (not java based), also I’m unable to use UI selectors and I have to use Anchors instead. But I’m unable to loop over the list.


I don’t like to bump this post but I’m still looking for an answer Thanks

I understand, but if i was able to work in your environment then would have done some hit and trials :slight_smile:
But over here i cant think of much.

Have you tried data scraping by any chance?

I can make the environment public for you to try if you have a few minutes, I can PM you the details.


great!, let me give it a try :slight_smile: