How to iterate different activity after iteration from every 5rows?

this is my sheet and what i need is to after iterating from every 5rows i want to run different activity i.e, to go to my router page and disconnect and connect the internet…
how to implement this?
thanks :slight_smile:

1)Use "For each " Activity and create a variable as incrementer inside for each iteration
2)Then create a logic at the end of iteration to check if the incrementer is equal to 5
True: Perform your required steps(router Page,disconnect /Connect).Then assign variable to zero
False: Perform Nothing

I already did for each step can you tell me how to perform 2nd step ?
I am new to uipath :3


The for each / for each row Activity hast an Output called Index, which is counting the different Iteration.

This Output can be Used as following
Indexvar +1) Mod 5=0

IT will Return true If the indexvar is a multiple of 5

SteamGuardChecker.xaml (20.3 KB)

can you make changes in this?

Please find the updated code .

SteamGuardChecker.xaml (24.3 KB)

thanks it working <3
like what i need is…
1)open browser
2)fill data from 1st row
3)close browser
4) again open browser fill data from 2nd row
5)close browser
like after filling data of 5 row
it will do another activity as i mentioned after performing that activity it will close browser
and again start filling data for next 5rows
how can i implement this ?

you can just add the extra activity that is needed to perform after 5 rows in condition where we check the if row is 5th row - true condition.
Other activity you can just perform as usual in the same way you have mentioned above.

after this if activity it not opening new browser , all data from 5 row is getting filled in same browser
what should i do now ?

never mind , i got it <3 thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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