How to iterate bulk data in excel using linked query

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I have bulk data like (30657 roes) in one excel sheet so i want iterate all the rows by using linked query in for each row activity .
i don’t know how to write linked query for this please help me to write linked query.



Is there any specific reason to o go for linq query
Did we try with the simple READ RANGE activity

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Thank You @Palaniyappan for quick response, please see the attachment here i want to iterate the all the 30567 rows it will take more time so by using linked query reduce the time to iterate all the 30657 rows.
Preformatted textimage

please suggest any another way or how to write linked query for iterate all 30657 rows in a small period of time.


Hmm usually no it won’t take more than that 10 seconds even if we go by for each row with 30000 records
But i would like to know what we are going to perform while iterating


By iterate all the rows only i got rows count in a excel and i create a variable like this( LastRow = index+2) to know the rows count and here index (int type) is the output variable of for each row activity.
after this iteration only i got rows count right?
that rows count is stored in to LastRow varible .

finally the LastRow variable is passing to the Autofill range activity.
please see the attachment

by passing dynamic range purpose i’m using for each row activity to ietarate all the rows then i got rows count and then im passing through the varible into autofill range activity

this is for passing dynamic range
by passing dynamicall range into auto fill range ,so i want to iterate the all the rows using for each rows activity with linked query
image this is for directly passsing the rows

Please help me to slove this issue and how to pass linked uqery into for each row activity to iterate all 30657 rows.


YourDataTableVar.Rows.Count will give the Total Nos of Rows directly without the need of looping over the Datarows

Thank You @ppr I got the output.

Thank You So Much @Palaniyappan I got the exact output.

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