How to Iterate Browser's Open Tabs



I am doing some automation inside a browser but I have no idea how to iterate through a browser’s open tabs. I’d like to access information on the other tabs but I’m only able to work on the current open tab. How do I switch tabs?


@gallea01, There are many posts regarding this in forum. It would be very helpful for you. Still if you can’t match your requirement then you can post back. Thanks for your understanding !

Dominic :slight_smile:


Apparently I did not find any, hence I raised the question. If you happen to know one, can you kindly point me to that post? Thanks!


@gallea01, Follow these

  1. Getting the tab details like title
    How to get Web Browser's Tab details?
    How to get the Current tab title in a browser?
  2. Navigating to next tabs
    Shift control to another tab in Browser
  3. Many More…

Dominic :slight_smile:

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