How to invoke - Invoke workflow file activity in switch case

Hello, I have a use case where I need to invoke workflow file activity while the switch case condition was met.
For example I have a dictionary with key value pair, when the case and dict.key matches it has to invoke the next workflow file and dict.Value has been sent as in_argument for workflow file, But it is not invoking the next workflow file.
Can anyone can please guide me on this.

Thanks in advance!
Manoj Kumar V

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from you statement you are passing value to disc , key will match the case

correct me if i am wrong , logically should pass key so that will get value from dictionary

and next case should match the value to take further steps



Use a SWITCH case activity and mention the condition like this

Dictvariable(“your key”)

And in each Case mention the value within double quotes you want to proceed

Say if the key matches with the value defined in Case1 then it enters that case where pass the argument for the workflow invoked with INVOKE WORKFLOW FILE activity
Make sure the argument created in that workflow is with direction IN only then it can accept the argument passed to it from dictionary key value pair

Cheers @ManojKumarV

Hi @Palaniyappan , I have done the same scenario but it’s not invoking the file

To confirm if it’s invoking I have used log message and used print statement, but the log message is not getting printed

Is the filepath mentioned rightly with invoke workflow file activity
Or can u run once in debug mode so that u can easily find where it is missing and why it is not triggering
Even the arguments values can be checked whether it is assigned with or not with LOCAL panel when running in debug mode


I found the error and resolved it.


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Hi @ManojKumarV

Use this Condition if You Want the Value of the Dictionary, you need to pass Key to get it.
Dictionary_varaible(Key) & whatever the Value you will be getting, make the Switch Case with the same Value but without Double quotes & Inside each Case you can pass the Invoke Workflow File activity and pass Arguments with direction “IN” in the Workflow which you are Invoking.


Glad it got resolved @ManojKumarV

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