How to invoke an RPA process file (.xaml) with another robot

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I am relatively new to RPA and I am facing a somewhat unique issue so I will explain as best as I can.

I have a workflow ( let’s call it “Robot1”) that downloads excel files, run a macro to make changes then stores the changes to a certain folder. However I was unable to publish this workflow to ochestrator because of file size limit due to the excel files involved (it is way above 40MB).

I have an idea to create a second workflow (let’s call it Robot2) that would “invoke” a process to run “Robot 1”, then upload the result of robot1 from the folder. With this, I can then publish Robot2 as it would have a smaller size.

Is there an activity in UiPath to run another workflow stored locally? if yes, how is it used?

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Here is the file path for Robot 1:

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First, when publishing Robot1, delete all result files and publish.
If Robot1 is a workflow that runs macros after downloading Excel, there is no need to publish the downloaded Excel (of course, the capacity is exceeded).

Second, there are many ways to run Workflow locally,

  • Invoke Workflow : Through this function, not only the current project folder, but also xaml of other project folders can be executed.

  • UiRobot.exe : It is also possible to execute XAML or project of a specific path by running uirobot.exe.
    Arguments Description

  • Queue: There is a way to put the result of Robot1 into the Queue and let Robot2 read and process it when a value comes into the Queue.


Hi thanks for help.

I’d prefer the first option but I don’t quite understand what you mean by “delete all result files and publish”. I have the excel files stored locally. The robot only follows the specified path, get the data from the source, copy and execute it on a macro enabled file, the read and write result and upload to a sharepoint folder.

can you please elaborate on how to “delete all result files and publish”?

Your help is appreciated. thanks

I understood by saving the excel file in the project folder.
So, when you published, I understood that the downloaded Excel file also exceeded 40 megabytes in the project folder.

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