How to invite user to forum?


Some one tell me how to invite user to uipath forum.where can i find invite option / button

Check the link

if my understand is correct …shall i need to send this link to someone in order to invite ???

Navigate to Your Profile. Click on ‘Invites’ tab. There will be a button called ‘Send an Invite’. Give the email id of the user you would like to invite.

Rammohan B.

Not sure why invites tab not coming under profile. but i can see invite tab under your profile

Just found under this topic :stuck_out_tongue: but still not sure why its not showing under my profile

Again just i came to know that one should earn MEMBER badge in order to send invite


@loginerror I have Member badge and the Invite button was visible earlier. I am not seeing it now.

Hi @Madhavi

As one of the side effects of our incoming UiPath Single-Sign On, the Forum invite option had to be disabled. We will continue to look for available workarounds, but for now the option to invite will stay disabled.

As to the badge, I think that with no option to earn it we will have to deprecate it as well. We will see.


Thank you for the response.
Looking for invite option on connect :+1:

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