How to interact with browser dialog?

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem with the edge/chrome browser dialog, where I want to select a profile from a list displayed in the dialog, but Uipath can’t click on the item if it’s not visible on the screen (it won’t scroll down to find it).
Any ideas please!
Thanks in advance.


Have you tried enabling simulate click property ?


Hi @Hamza_BEN_MAYS1,

I recommend using focus and hover activities. You can use it with the same selectors.


Yepp, it doesn’t work :frowning:

thank you @athira.somasekharan

Nop, won’t do it too :frowning:

thank you @muhammedyuzuak

For the moment I used get position, and then if my element isn’t in the shown range i just send Down or UP hotkey to get it in the visible field.
But Ifeel like it soo rusty and won’t work all the time :confused:

Thanks a lot for your proposition, and welcome for more.

I think focus will work better instead of send key. @Hamza_BEN_MAYS1

I’ve tried it, but it doenst bring nor help to stimulate click on the element. @muhammedyuzuak