How to integrate third party Credential vault with UiPath Orchestrator

How to integrate third party credential store (other than Azure Key vault and CyberArk) with Orchestrator?

Follow the steps below to configure 3rd party credential store:
1. Navigate to the \Orchestrator\Plugins folder in your Orchestrator installation directory.
2. Save the .dll files of third party plugin in the above mentioned folder.
3. Orchestrator web.config must be updated with the following Key:
Replace the <third-party-plugin> with actual dll name in the \Orchestrator\Plugins folder
<add key=“Plugins.SecureStores” value=“UiPath.Orchestrator.<third-party-plugin>.dll”/>
4. Restart your Orchestrator instance from IIS and check the logs to confirm that the plugin was loaded successfully.
5. Your new credential store should now be available when creating a new credential store.
You can check this link on how to create a new credential store: