How to integrate Muhimbi OCR to UIPATH?

Hi All,

Could you please tell me is it possible to integrate Muhimbi OCR in UIPATH. If possible , please tell me how?

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Hi @vinod,

First of all the package is not at all available in UiPath.
I think it should be available in UiPath Studio like activity.
if they provide the DLL then You can create Activity to use it.


hi @vinod

you can try the “Intelligent OCR” activity to integrate Muhimbi OCR in UiPath. you can this from the manage package panel.


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i hope we unfortunately dont have that OCR integrated with uipath.
while we have many other options that can be give a shot if possible that includes
–Google OCR
–Microsoft OCR
–Tessaract OCR
–Abby Flexicapture OCR

hope this would help you
Cheers @vinod

@baisilgee, Thank you for your reply. I think there is no activity for Muhimbi in UiPATH studio. So you mean we need to contact UIPATH/Muhimbi for DLL?

@Achal_Sharma thank you for your reply. I have Intelligent OCR package installed. Can you please explain in detail how to integrate Muhimbi OCR in UiPATH?

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@vinod, Yes

Howdy @vinod,

For details on using UIPath with Muhimbi, see my blog UiPath – Clavin's Blog

I hope it helps.