How to install UiPath Chrome extension on Mac?

I am on a free trial to test UiPath on Mac.
However, I cannot how to install chrome extension.
The two solutions provided in the doc do not work :

  • I have no access to UiPath Assistant. Certainly since I am on a free trial
  • The command line dotnet UiPath.ExtensionControl.Portable.dll install chrome extnmh peruser --nmh-path=<nmh path> do not work. I have error msg zsh: command not found: dotnet

Any ideas to help ?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Quentin_Prevost ,

When you mean free trial, you have an Enterprise trial or you mean community version?
As per the documentation, you download the agent from here:

Just an idea, you can do an Enterprise trial, where you have 60 days for trial. You can create then your cloud tenant and configure without problems your assistant to connect to your tenant.

If you installed it and connected to your tenant, it should work.

Hope it helps.